Nuclear is seen as the pinnacle of man's achievment, the most Xtreme energy there is. The government want to build 10 new nuclear plants by 2024 including 3 reactors here in Cumbria.  Nuclear uses huge amounts of fossil fuel, chemicals, fresh water and spews out Radioactive and toxic missions.  The "high burn" waste would be hotter than from existing plants and take decades longer to cool.


Scientists agree that another man made catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl and Fukushima could happen anytime anywhere.  Even without a catastrophe Existing plants, especially Sellafield's reprocessing plant in Cumbria, are constantly spewing radioactive emissions. The only sane option is to STOP and CONTAIN.

Too Hot to Handle

New reactors would produce spent fuel much more dangerous and difficult to deal with than than from existing reactors. 


The consequences of higher burnup spent  fuel have been pointed out by the IAEA International Atomic Energy Authority 


“The higher burnup of fuel has a significant impact on the choice of the storage option and on the design of storage systems, due to the increased decay heat, inter-alia, which is roughly proportional to burnup, imposing a higher cooling load to the storage system.”


Report to download here: 

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