Join a Group, Do Your Own Research,

Write to the Press, Form your Own Group, Ask Questions and then ask More Questions of the Regulators who are supposed to be Watchdogs and of the Nuclear Industry which is less of an Energy Strategy and More of a Public Relations Strategy.  A Public Relations Strategy which has the Government and the Media and increasingly the National Non Governmental Organisations in their Mafia-like 

Radioactive Tentacles.

Start your research by reading 'Still Fighting for Gemma' a true story about a mother's battle with Sellafield. The "story" was also made into a movie by Granada TV 

Research Tools




No2Nuclear Power


Dr Ian Fairlie




Low Level Radiation Campaign


Nuclear Spin


Toxic Coast


Commission for Independent Research and Information about RADiation





Routine Releases from Nuclear Reactors


Nuclear Information and Resource Service Fact Sheets


Environmental Effects of Chronic Low Level Radioactive Contamination











There are lots more out there - don't forget to look up the Nuclear Industry's own websites and blogs and learn as much as you can








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