Local Groups. 

Here are local groups in the British Isles actively opposing nuclear.  

Nuclear is not a localised threat, in fact it is the only industry that can render huge areas of the British Isles uninhabitable into eternity.

This affects everyone equally.  Please contact us if you would like to add your group to the list and if there is no group near you - why not start one!  




Radiation Free Lakeland


Stop Plans for a Nuclear Dump facebook group


West Cumbria and North West FoE


North Cumbria CND


Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment


3 Weeks to Save the Lakes


Solway Plain Against Nuclear Dump


No Ennerdale Nuke Dump


No Geo Nuke Dumping facebook group





Lancashire District CND


Greater Manchester and District CND





South West Against Nuclear facebook group


Stop Hinkley


Parents Concerned About Hinkley


Shut Down Sizewell


Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy





Bradwell for Renewable Energy





Stop Wylfa


CND Cymru





Stop Nuclear Power Network


Boycott EDF


Kick Nuclear


Close Capenhurst


Nuclear Trains Action Group






No2Nuclear - News


Nuclear Heritage - World Activist News















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