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Nuclear is a Living Nightmare! Radioactive contamination of air, sea and groundwater. Nuclear 'energy' needs chemicals and fossil fuel power plants during and decades after any electricity production.  Radiation causes cancers and other diseases. Nuclear causes a snowball of blight now, and for generations after us.


Nuclear is seen as the pinnacle of man's achievment, the most Xtreme energy there is. The government want to build 10 new nuclear plants by 2024.  Nuclear uses huge amounts of fossil fuel, chemicals, fresh water and spews out toxic emissions.  The "high burn" waste would be hotter than from existing plants and take decades longer to cool.


Scientists agree that another catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl and Fukushima could happen anytime anywhere.  Existing plants are constantly spewing toxic emissions. The only sane option is to STOP and CONTAIN.


In order to achieve its insane goal and build new nuclear the government needs to clear the decks and decommission old nuke plants. It needs to be seen to have solved the vast waste problem. "Decommissioning" means dispersal to landfill, recycling radioactive scrap metal, 'evaporating' the waste into thin air and geological disposal.  



There is a huge problem with this: there is no away! The only solution is to STOP NOW and CONTAIN the waste.

Get Active

This is an old industry born in lies, secrecy and machismo. It is time to end the lies and secrecy.  We can WIN this with shared community resistance and activism.  Lets get active so that future generations will have a future free from the blight of Nuclear Contamination.  

Decades of nuclear greenwash have been slapped on the industry to try to improve its PR. They can run but they can't hide and after half a century of lies and deciept the tipping point is NOW.  


Here are local groups in the British Isles actively opposing nuclear build and nuclear dumping.  Nuclear is not a localised threat, in fact it is the only industry that can render huge areas of the British Isles uninhabitable into eternity.



This affects everyone equally.



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