Dumping - or as the industry says: "Decommissioning

In order to achieve its insane goal and build new nuclear plants, the government needs to clear the decks and decommission old nuke plants. It needs to be seen to have solved the waste problem. "Decommissioning" means dispersal to landfill, recycling radioactive scrap metal, 'evaporating' the waste into thin air and geological disposal.  



There is a huge problem with this: there is no away! The only solution is to STOP NOW and CONTAIN the waste.


The law has been changed allowing the nuclear industry to dump renamed "exempt" nuclear waste into landfill.  The plan: “the controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters.” Dumping large volumes of radioactive waste in landfill should be banned as it was prior to 2007. Deregulation of the banks led to a toxic crash. The deregulation of the nuclear industry if not stopped and reversed will lead to a far more serious toxic crash.

People are campaigning to reverse the "exempt" law


Scrap Metal

The plan to bring a radioactive scrap metal to a Business Park near Workington was strongly opposed by locals.

It was given the go ahead by the regulators in 2008.  Nuclear Engineering International smugly said

"Studsvik has now obtained all the necessary licenses to construct and operate its proposed radioactive metal recycling plant near Sellafield, in northern England. Permission from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate marks the first of its kind in over 20 years but has gained little publicity".  Quite! 


Geological Disposal

Taking high level nuclear waste from inside the core of Britain's nuclear reactors and burying in a deep hole 1000m deep x 25km square is the "preferred option" of government.  The plan is for the geology to be the last line of defence against radioactive wastes leaking to the surface. This has not been done anywhere in the world before and scientists are throwing up new reasons why geological dumping should never happen.

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